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 Product Range

The company manufactures all types of automobile bearings under the registered brand name “SUPER DELUX BEARINGS”.  The company has developed an exclusive range of bearings for applications in various automobiles and industries. The SUPER DELUX range of bearings are produced from bearing steel grade SAE 52100 (as per international standards) using modern technologies and skills. All stringent international quality standards are complied with in raw materials and our finished products.
Product Categories
  • Clutch Release Bearings
  • Tapper Roller Bearings
  • Ball Bearings
  • Double Row Angular Contact Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Tensioner / Idler Pully Bearings
  • Steering Bearings
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Needle Roller Bearings
  • Water Pump Bearings
  • Overseas Vehicle Bearings
  DO’s   DON’ts
1. Keep working area clean for installation. 1. Don’t use cotton waste in bearing mounting area.
2. Coat the bare hands with mineral oil before handling the bearings. 2. Don’t use wooden mallets and bench tops in the bearing fitment area.
3. Keep bearing wrapped, in oil proof paper when not in use. 3. Don’t unwrap bearings until ready for use.
4. Clean the shaft and housing fillets before the bearing mounting. 4. Don’t permit the dirt to enter the bearings.
5. Keep the bearings well protected from rust. 5. Don’t wash a new bearing (since bearings are supplied with rust preventive oil coating)
6. Use uncontaminated washing agent for washing the used bearings. 6. Don’t use contaminated Lubricant.
7. Treat used bearings like a new bearing, if it is to be reused. 7. Don’t spin unclean bearings.
8. Work with clean tools. 8. Don’t use dirty brittle are chipped tools.
9. Use proper mounting tools for handling bearings. 9. Avoid rough handlings of bearings.
10. For higher interference fit on shaft, heat the bearing before mounting. 10. Don’t expose to a higher Temperature.
11. When mounting inner ring, apply pressure only on inner ring only. 11. Don’t spin bearings with compressed air
12. When mounting outer ring force outer ring only. 12. Don’t hammer the bearing directly, use a mounting tool.
13. Be sure to use correct lubrican in the right amount. 13.